Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eyes and Scallops

Top// Modcloth (with the collar) & Thrifted
Skirt// H&M
Tights// Hue
Shoes// Blowfish
Button// Marscapony

I've been attempting to be frugal lately, so I may be incorporating lots of remixed pieces in a lot of outfits posts from now on. I promise to keep in interesting, buying a condo is kinda expensive...haha. As I'm sure anyone who is reading this knows..not shopping is hella hard, especially with the magical interwebs machine I type this on. I wince and groan every time I find my self scrolling through Modcloth looking at all the cute things I shouldn't be buying. I'll just have to set up a clothing spending budget for myself each month. But for now I'm just gonna try my best to refrain. I have SO many clothes to begin with anyways.

I've definitely worn all of these pieces (minus the button) on the blog before but I think they're remixed in a fun way. I like finding new ways to re-invent pieces into completely different looks. Styling things together is without a doubt an art form to me.



Jessie said...

Ugh that skirt is totally killer! I love your nail color too!

Danielle Morgan said...

This skirt is amazing! I think it's awesome that you will be remixing stuff more often! I also have a window shopping addiction, and Modcloth is a frequent contributor, haha...

Kerri Heritage said...

Love that skirt! Such a cute combo of items.
Every time I am on the Modcloth site, I have to stop myself from buying everything. Especially with shipping and tax so I normally wait until they have an awesome sale.