Saturday, February 8, 2014

Paris // Les Galeries Lafayette

 This is what the department stores in Paris look like. It's kind of insane. How can you focus on shopping when there all this awesomeness surrounding you? The dome is kind of breath taking. Especially when you just walk in, you do't expect it to be so grand, but it's Paris, of course it is.  Of course I still managed to do some shopping (as if) I got this dress and this one at this place. I actually saw the flower one on Modcloth a few weeks ago, so I'm not really as original as I thought haha. Though I did like how the stores in Paris had all the cute novelty print dresses that you find on Modcloth and sites like it, but not really in person here in the US. It's rare that you can find such cute and kitschy pieces at Macy's.  

The tree was so amazingly pretty and kitschy. Let see how many times I can say "kitschy" in this post, haha! Though the place was PACKED and my French is deplorable, it was filled with some awkward moments. Actually, everyday had awkward language barrier moments. One of my goals in life was to learn French, you'd think I would do that before I go to France. Womp.

But I think my favorite part of the store were the windows outside of it. I puts Macy's Herald Square TO SHAME. 

They were all little marionette critters in various winter scenes. I think we concluded that everything was sponsored by Swatch because there was a running theme of clocks, which I really liked. 

 The drunken mouse/bunny/rodent dinner party scene made me laugh the most. Way too adorable and hilarious.

 Also, this cool cat.



Neon Michelle said...

Gorgeous! These photos are incredible. I can't believe this is just a department store and not, like, a movie set or something. Cool!

Jenna | said...

this is the most magical blog post i've ever seen! those window displays— be still my heart!

Kerri Heritage said...

It all looks so adorable!

kitty kaos said...

Wow looks beautiful xx

Kitsch Vixen said...

Incredible photos!