Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snapshots // Hoboken

Hi, I'm bored on a Saturday night chilling out right now, so I thought I would share some Hoboken snapshots from last month that I forgot I had! This was of course on one of out many condo hunts, which was inconclusive. But I do have news on that whole venture, but I don't wanna say anything until we know for sure! Which is good, I'm sure some people may be sick of haring about me going house hunting being as we've seen countless places. But maybe I'll do a whole post on our experience?

The area we were in that day was suuuper downtown, where there were these cool old factory buildings. They were looked nice and all, but to be honest the rest of the area was desolate and kinda sketch so we decided living there wasn't ideal. But these would be good potential outfit shot areas!

I've always loved the Lackawanna Station building and how ornate and coooool looking it is. Though, I always pronounce it "Lackwanka" cause it's more fun to say. Especially three times in a row real fast.

And when we were bored waiting outfit a building for out real estate dude, I took some "I fee cold" selfies.

 One fund fact (for me at least) is that Hoboken has THREE post offices! Which is great for me, I basically treat those places like a second office.
These "Man with a Van" fliers are posted all over town, they always have been. Man with a Van, I don't think anyone in their right mind trusts you.

Have a good weekend!



Kerri Heritage said...

I love these photos!
I love checking out abandoned places :)

Kelsey Abercrombie said...

If I took pictures of our house hunting locations, it'd be soo boring. Hopefully you'll hear some good news!! :) We just bought our first house and close in two weeks. Super exciting stuff!