Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Dress// BCBG 
Top// Betsey Johnson
Tights// Hue
Shoes// Flounce
Glasses// Coastal
Necklace// Glitterlimes

How coooooool and shiny are these shoes!! You guys I got these on clearance at Nordstrom tack for 20 bucks. I am so happy. Glitter just makes me supremely happy. I've had this heart sweater since I was maybe 15! It's a staple. What sweater with a huge heart on it isn't a wardrobe staple?

I got these shoes around the holidays, but I told myself I would be able to integrate them into non-Christmas/New Years attire. I think purple tights totally does it, and makes them seem more Springy. Even though I only wish it was Spring right now, but it's still an icy wasteland. In the meantime I'll wear my glittery shoes and drink lots and lots of hot coffee.



Reagan said...

omg that ring!

Michelle | CreatureType.com said...

I totally saw another blogger tweet that they got a pair of Flounce heels that same shape/style at Nordstrom Rack! I need a good pair of heels to wear for any occasion--glitter ones totally fall into that category for me. ;) I need to go by NR asap!

Jenna Ledawn said...

i love everything about this post! these photos are gorgeous, too— what camera/lens combo are you using?

Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! I have a canon 60D and the lens I used is a 40mm 2.8 (its really tiny and cute!)

Midge Blitz said...

Hell yeah! :)

Danielle Morgan said...

Steve Buscemi ring! I love it! :D