Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Outfit // Candy Stripes

Dress// F21
Brooch// Gift from Rebekah 
Shoes// Liz Claiborne  
Glasses// Coastal
Belt// Thrifted

This dress looks good in the pictures, but my god it's a pain. I actually got rid of it after I took these pictures cause its kinda so crappy that it's not practical outside of my blog. I got it from Forever21 eons ago and it was a wrap type of dress, but all the things holding it together fell apart the first time I wore it, so every time after that it's been held together with safety pins. I love the pattern, but it was it's time to go! But how cute is this pin? I love any glittery things to show off my feminist ways. I just really love glitter you guys.

Speaking of which I'll be working on sending back some Valentines out to you lovelies today! It's not too late to send one if you still wanna participate in a Valentine swap! My PO Box address on on the left side bar of this page :)

Love love love,

1 comment:

Katzi said...

Cute dress! Too bad it was a piece of crap :( Love that pin, too! I think I might snag one! :) I'm hoping to get your Valentine in the mail soon. I know it'll be late but I've been waiting for Georgia to thaw out...