Monday, February 17, 2014

Vintage Flowers

Top// Vintage
Skirt// Modcloth
Shoes// JuJu Jellies 

Sometimes (and I hope that I'm not the only blogger that does this) my outfits don't see the outside, just the internet sees them. Thats the case with this outfit. I love it, but it's not practical for this crazy winter we're having. I want it to be jelly season again so bad. I love these dang things, and they're not getting the attention they deserve! Today I'll most likely be wearing the best jeans ever that I got in the mail recently and some tall boots. And a sweater. (they really are the best, I'm so comfortable, they fit my waist and my crack doesn't hang out of them HALLELUJAH)

So, I have the worrrrst cabin fever, and working where I live really doesn't help much. I am going very, very, stir crazy. Though Rhiannon saved me for a couple hours last night while we went to get mac and cheese and frozen yogurt (us nut jobs, getting frozen yogurt when there's a frozen tundra outside)
Today I have things to do in Hoboken so I'm just gonna go in a few hours early with my laptop and do my non order packing work in a coffee shop as opposed to my office here. I just need out, ya know? And my entire house is sick so I feel like I'm living in a giant germ hole. Eck.

Also, I'm amused at how classy this bottle of jack on my quirky bookshelf is. I think Mike put it there.



Kailey said...

I am forever getting ice cream when it's freezing outside too hehe! <3

Kerri Heritage said...

It's never a bad time for ice cream.
I'm the opposite, the internet never sees my indoor clothes... haha, because I'm a super tramp!

ebonni watford said...

I was just thinking the same thing on my blog! I never dress for the Midwest weather, just for the internet! I'm jelly of your jellies ;)

OrigamiGirl said...

I never have outfits that are just for blogging because I have no where that really works for outfit photos in my house. However, I do sometimes mess about with make up and wear things in that way that never get seen. Hope you feel better soon! Bet the coffee shops feel super cosy right now.

Lexi Singer said...

Ice cream tastes way better when it's cold outside!
I am also the same way, many of my blog outfits are only worn around the house. It's to darn cold to wear what I like outside, plus I never do very much haha.