Monday, March 17, 2014

A Green Dress

Dress// Target
Cardigan// Modcloth
Boots// Bass
Glasses// c/o Coastal

 So, I am an Irish girl and this green dress post is me acknowledging St. Patrick's Day today. I'm not really into the festivities that people in my age group take part in on this day (aka let's be really douchy and drink on the LIRR to the parade at 8AM) so therefore I don't really do too much to celebrate. I don't even eat corn beef cause I'm a veg head. So, a green dress it is. I got in on Friday at Target, and I love it. What I love that most is that it's not something that's typically my style, but for some reason, I'm really digging how it looks on me. So it's a nice change of pace. I love a little something different, even if it's just a simple dress. Little changes make me happy.

So, awkward story time! Everyone loves a good awkward story, right? Being as I'm going to try and take all of my outfit photos outdoor in public now, I guess it's likely for weird things to happen. I took these in the same spot I took these photos, which is a pretty empty area, with a few houses around. So I'm standing in front of this wall taking photos and all of a sudden, cop car. All of my anxieties about taking photos in public we all coming to a head the minute I see a damn cop car approaching my little photo shoot. No sirens or anything, but being as this is pretty much an adndoned parking lot, he had to have a reason to come back there, which leads me to believe that some goody two shoes called the cops on me. I wasn't trespassing (it's public property) and I wasn't doing anything that would merit somebody involving law enforcement. So I just see the car approaching and my knee jerk reaction is to awakardly wave at the guy and go "HIIII!!". He just pulls up to where I'm standing by my camera, and I explain that I'm taking photos and if that's ok, and he was like "yeah, doesn't bother me!" Then he just asked what I was taking pictures of out of genuine curiosity, being as there's not much around there, and I said I was taking outfit photos, he said that was cool, and left. He was super nice, and he didn't mention any complaints from any one or anything, so I'm still confused. There's a dead end right around there, so it's not like he was passing through. I probs won't come back to this spot to take photos. So freakin' weird.

Anyway, Happy Saint Patricks Day?



Gawly Gee said...

I picked this dress up and just looked at it for a good 10 minutes the other day haha. It's super cute and it looks really good on you!
Yeah, I'm not really into St Patrick's day either. I went to a parade a couple years ago but I'm just not a huge fan of other people's public drunkenness haha.

Jessie said...

I LOVE that dress. Gives me yet another reason to go to my friendly neighborhood Target again. T

hat cop story is one of my biggest fears about taking public photos. Especially since in some areas in LA it's apparently illegal to use tripods in public?! OR at the very least, you'll get hassled! So I'm always nervous that someone is going to butt in and be rude just for the sake of being a nosy stinker!

However, since it worked out for you, it's a big comforting!

nonnaihr said...

hahahahah I bought the same dress can we have a twin day now???

Midge Blitz said...

That law is CRAZY! What's so illegal about a tripod?! The good thing about something like that happening to me, is that now I'm kind of desensitized, haha. You could always bring a buddy with you for moral support, too!

Midge Blitz said...


Jessie said...

Well I believe the law is actually against commercial photography only, but basically law enforcement associate tripods with professional photographers which leads them to think they're shooting for commercial use. Basically you have a right to shoot with a tripod in public in LA (except Burbank, but that's an entirely different story, yikes!), but if an officer confronts you about it, it's easier to just up and leave because LA cops are notorious for not being very reasonable/fair.
But that ends my little LA trivia for the day, lol.
It's good that you've become desensitized so quickly! I hope it's equally as easy to shake off stares of other passer-bys!

Crissy said...

How awkward!! Someone paranoid might have thought you were doing something suspicious ( what??) and called it in? lol

Love the dress :D

Kerri Heritage said...

haha, that's pretty funny. Maybe he was just curious about what you were doing :) Obviously some people just don't realise how cool we are taking photos of ourselves they had to send someone in to check it out!

The dress looks lovely on you and it's a really nice shade of green too :)

~ K