Monday, March 24, 2014

My Stuff // Up-cycled Jewelry

I have quite a bit of up-cycled jewelry piecies. I like to wear unique things, so the best way to do that it to DIY it! I find little trinkets mostly at garage sales and flea markets and make them into my new favorite jewelry pieces. Here are a few...

 I found those dentures at a flea market and the tiny harmonica (that works!) at a garage sale in my town. I love that it says Woodstock on it!

I found this rock on the beach and I loved its red color. Mike says is looks like jasper, which is a semi precious stone so I doubt it's that? I dunno.

 I found a whole bunch of typewriter keys at a flea market, and this one is the only one I have yet to finagle into a piece of jewelry. I don't know if typewriter key jewelry is cliché yet, but I still love it.
These earrings were one of the first things I DIYed. This little general store I was at had bunches of these tiny loose little charms so of course I decided to make little skull dangly earrings. My teenage self was very proud.

Hope you had a fab weekend! Saturday I caught up with a good friend of mine from high school at a Williamsburg dive bar, and Sunday I lazed around and watched ghost shows with my mom. Weekend-success!



Loreal Elder said...

Everything is so creative and so cute! ♥ Love it!

Gabriella Murray said...

I do this too! It's the best to have weird little trinkets hanging around your person :) x

Crissy said...

Love all of these!!

CuddlyCacti said...

so amazing!!! love that you take these little things and put them to good use! i'd never think to make a cool rock into a ring but that's so perfect and seems so obvious now. also the dentures, so great.