Friday, April 18, 2014

City Noise

 We are still without lots of furniture in our place, so that means more time to take outfit photos with clean backdrops, haha! The top photo is going to be our dining room, and the other two is my office. I looove the blue color that it's painted. I'm glad that I like all the colors of the walls, painting the place would be a bitch. We saw a lot of places with ugly paint colors, so I'm happy this isn't one of them with like dark brown and red walls. Ew.

I'm getting used to all the noises of living in a city in a condo unit. Most of them I'm ok with, like we have lots of pigeons that hang out on the window sills and coo their little heads off and its kind of adorable. I love them. Except sometimes their coos sound like human mumbling noises which threw me for quite the loop a couple days ago, but I'm used to it now.

The people above us have two small children that I'm pretty sure are awful satan banshee creatures and their main ritual hour to yell and stomp is 7AM. This morning was NOT a pleasant one. However, they are moving out in the summer, and I also bought a giant jar of earplugs. THANK GOD.

I bought this maxi skirt on a whim while shopping for housewares in Target. Thats the problem with that place, I always spend more there then I intend to because they have cute clothing. Ugh. I'm trying to get into maxi lengths, I think they're cute, and I haven't really tried them out as much as I would like. And stripes are my favorite thing right now.

Welp, back to Long Island, I have orders to pack up!


Skirt// Target Top// Old Shoes// Vans


Kamila K said...

so cool! love this outfit~

Sammi Cohen said...

You look gorgeous, and I love the new backdrop for photos! :) Oh no, living below loud children is awful... best of luck, hope the ear plugs work!!

xox Sammi

Gawly Gee said...

Ugh, my upstairs neighbor has two dogs and they're always running back and forth through her apartment and ALWAYS when I'm trying to sleep haha. I love that skirt and it looks great with that top! It's always super hard for me to go into Target too. I usually leave with something I don't need haha. They've got great stuff though!

Kerri Heritage said...

I love stripes but I can't get into the maxi skirt thing. I'm a bit to short I think... I want to try midi skirts but I think I'm too short for that but I do prefer the look of them so I ill probably suck it up and try a midi skirt.

New noises are weird, took us a long time to get used to living on the main road. Lots and lots of traffic and in the early hours it's tractors at this time of the year.

Loreal Elder said...

Absolutely stunning! You look so chic, it's perfect.