Thursday, April 24, 2014

Photo Diary // More Adventures in Moving

I have Ikea furniture blisters. Actually, we both do. My desk (which is three of these tables) was more difficult to put together than we thought, for the most part.
Yup. But it's all good now because by the time I write this post it's on my laptop on my new desk set up!

A lonely chair... we were so excited to have something to actually SIT on. (couch delivery this weekend...woooo!)

After: (haha!) 
I have a thing for novelty drinking glasses. Or novelty anything while we're on the subject.
One of my favorite things about my office... it has an extra closet rod, outside of the closet! This room is where my clothing closet is too so it works pretty well. I may add a second rod cause even after donating a bunch of stuff I still have lots of clothes.
 My closet thus far...

I cannot wait to show you the rest of my office in an upcoming post..I set up some stuff in it today and it is the office of my dreams. Even though it's not finished yet, this room is seriously amazing. The natural light mid-day is beyond divine. I'm on cloud 9 right now with this place!

Still using paper bowls and plates, but bringing all of my belongings (including proper dish ware) here Saturday! Pumped!


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