Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photo Diary // Moving

I want to start documenting my every day life here on the blog so I'm gonna start doing photo diary posts! Now is a good time to start one because my life is so freakin busy and chaotic right now with moving and all. It's a bit a of a gradual process so it's kind of a weird in limbo journey. Also, frankly, I'm too exhausted and busy to do outfit posts this week, haha

 Views of still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Our furniture arrives in a few days though!
One of my two old lady bags that i car back and forth is this tiny duffel. it hold a lot, it's like my Mary Poppins bag. Tomorrow I'm stuffing it with stuff for the kitchen to bring over.
Artsy shot of the brick wall above the "bed" (mattress.)
 I think our decorating motif is going to be a lot f black and white and grey with bright color accents. I love this ikea duvet cover.

What part of our kitchen looks like right now...we took the cabinet doors off above the microwave ourself, I wanted a little section to display pretty kitchen things. It's gonna be so pinterest, such quirky, wow. But seriously. I bought removable chevron wall paper for this specifically. It's gonna be like a tiny Twin Peaks kitchen shrine. 
The only decorative thing in the kitchen so far, this pretty pot Mike's mom had lying around and wasn't using, so she gave it to us.

That's it for now..more interesting posts to come soon, promise! Life is kinda nutz right now.


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Kerri Heritage said...

I enjoy photo diary posts.
My bf and I slept on a air bed for about 2 weeks before we went to IKEA to buy a bed.
Our clothes and such was coming from the UK and took about 5 days to arrive, so it was just us, our airbed and a laptop haha. No lamp ;)