Friday, April 25, 2014

Stripes + Purple

Hi! I'm officially moving tomorrow! My dad's driving my moving truck for me GO DADS! In order to get to Hoboken from here you have to drive through Manhattan, and I ain't driving no cargo van through the city. Right after I write this on my desktop computer I'm unplugging it and packing it up...AAH!

These photos were taken in my new workspace/studio, where the light is amazing. I took some photos of it yesterday, even though it's not completely set up, it looks so terrific so far. It's so pretty that I feel like its fake, like a set or something.
Anywho, thought I'd take this opportunity to give ya a first preview of one of the new items I'll be adding to my shop once it back up and running. I call that picture "hey, man, my eyes are down here! And up here!"


Dress + Tights// Target Shoes// Modcloth Brooch Set// Handmade coming soon to my shop!


Tessa said...

Those shoes are an absolute dream!

Loreal Elder said...

That last photo is my favorite. I had a pair of pink cat eye glasses in the fourth grade, and no one appreciated them.

Gawly Gee said...

What a cute outfit! Those shoes are amazing and the color of your tights is fantastic!
I can't wait to see your new work space all set up!

Crystal Joy said...

Those glasses are the jam!

lisa said...

Yeah- I would never want to drive through Manhattan- let alone with a moving truck! I thrifted that same Target dress a couple weeks ago and I love how you styled it with the bright tights and AMAZING shoes!