Monday, April 14, 2014


 I love my windows in my new bedroom. I've always wanted a room with large bay windows like this with a ledge I can sit on and look out. When we move all the stuff from Mike' place we have this circular table that belonged to this grandmother, that will look great right in front
of the middle window.
We got more cleaning done this weekend, and we had a plumber come in the assess all the things that need fixing (why is it always the plumbing that needs be to be fixed?!)

I was going to get some cleaning done here today, but I should go back to my parents house so I can work. It's such a weird limbo period we're in right now, where I now consider this my house, I still have to go back to Long Island to function cause all my work things are there, and this place won't have internet until the beginning of May (I'm using my iPhone as a personal hotspot to post this...TECHNOLOGY!!!)

I'll just have to come back in the middle of the week (with more stuff in my old lady rolling bag) and get some more stuff done around here. This weekend our ikea delivery gets here! Yay! Furniture!


Dress// Vintage Tights// Target Shoes// Vans 


Amber Indoe said...

Love those doors!

Gawly Gee said...

The windows and those doors are awesome! The place has some really great light. Love that dress too!

Sammi Cohen said...

You look beautiful, and the windows are lovely! Can't wait to see moreeee!

xox Sammi

SuESanders said...

Love those doors!

Sprinkle Days said...

That is a really nice dress, and the place looks nice. The windows are great =)

Precious said...

Really cute outfit! :)