Friday, May 9, 2014

Photo Diary // Knick Knacks

Aside from books, I have tons of little decorative house wares and knick knacks. It's still kind of tough figuring out where to put what, but I'm figuring it out, little by little...
One of my prized 1930 Remington typewriter.

The shelves on my side of the bed. All my things that hold my jewelry, sketch book, some riot grrrl art purchased from etsy.

My antique globe from the thrift store. It has a huge dent in it, right over Nova Scotia, but hey. 

Decorating: by Midge. Don't have a flower for your vase? Flamingo pen will do. 

Rubber duckies and my twin peaks owl/candle lantern on the bathroom windowsill. 

I made these little trays for Mike a while a go and I totally for got it did, until he un-packed them and I was like OH HEY YEAH I make cool things for you and stuff. 

Aaaaand my little computer mate. 



Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love typewriters! I have two of them, but I'm not sure they work right. I also love globes and I think I might want one for decoration when I have my own place.

KikiMichelle said...

How cute! I love all the little boxes and frames.
I have loads of photo boxes on my shelves that serve as storage.

Kerri Heritage said...

haha, you have the cutest house accessories!

Aishling said...

Ohhh I love all your little knick knacks! You do a great job at decorating! Your place is really coming together :)

Chelsea Louise Haden said...

I wish I had enough room in my place to have shelves, especially such neat ones! Lovely place that you have.