Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This Sunday was the BUST Primped! fair in which I sold my jewelry and accessories! It was so much fun, it was also my first time selling at a craft fair other than zine fests.

Here's some shots of my cutesy little table!

I had such a blast. Got me all excited for my grand-re-opening of my etsy shop and start selling things again...which is coning up on May 12th by the way ;)

I'll back back on a normal blogging schedule soon, we get interwebs in our house tomorrow!



FoodFeud said...

I was there! You did have a cute little table! I didn't get anything this time (I bought a couple buttons at the feminist zine fest), though I was eyeing those eyeball studs, since I know where to find yr store online and the fair was kinda overwhelming. I hope you had a fun time and got a chance to walk around.

Kerri Heritage said...

I just had a nice catch up with everything used been up to in the last two weeks. I love your office pace, far less cluttered than mine. Your springtime outfits jeans are perfect, but I shouldn't be admiring jeans, I have way too many pairs haha.

Looking at all this lovely stuff, I might just have to buy something when your etsy shop gets going again :)

Rachel Sullivan said...

So cool! I wish I could do/go to something like this!