Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photo Diary // Colorful Abode

I need to always be surrounded by alll the colors. While going through my photos over the past month to compile another photo diary, I found that all of them are of colorful little details around me.
Bowl o' brooches.
Color coded closet. I am such a virgo. 
Boxes for my etsy orders.
Desk things! That lamp used to be black which bored me, so I turned it into C3PO.  

 I've taken a liking to orange. Also this pillow is da best.

...Even my dishwasher is a rainbow.

Happy almost weekend :)



Lauren D. said...

All the colourrrrr! I love it!
I love organizing, too; such a Virgo thing!
But when it comes to my closet, almost everything is black anyway hahaha.
Oh I love this.

Jenn said...

Is that a Courtney Love/Hole brooch?! Love it. I predict my future apartment will be a rainbow, as well.

Izzy McLeod said...

Cute pictures, my wardrobe is colour coded though the colours are a lot darker than the ones in yours, it's sort of just dark green, burgundy, red and black in mine :') <3

The Quirky Queer

Kerri Heritage said...

Got bored, changed something - Are you stealing my thoughts?
Seriously awesome pillow!

Bethany said...

Enough of a Virgo to color code clothes but not quite enough to actually ever edit your posts.

Jenna | said...

i love this post-- such a fun series! it really shows so much of your personality :)

Natalie Mulford said...

Hahah! That pillow is amazing! I love all the colours, I find being surrounded by colours tends to make me feel happier!