Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grey + Glasses

Putting together outfits with new hair and tattoos is so much fun. Everything just looks different on you, ya know? I can shop my own closet, essentially.

Do you ever change your mind on certain pieces of clothing as time passes? For some reason I never noticed the swingy-ness of the skirt of this dress, and I was always a bit "meh" about it, but now I'm obsessed with the shape of this it. Go figure.

Also, lets talk about how great this button is. If you're tattooed, random strangers love the "what does it mean" question. The only contender with that one is "did that hurt?" (duh, what do you think?!) But the whole "what does it mean" thing can be so intrusive and irritating when I'm just trying to say, go grocery shopping. Obviously when I saw this button I felt so like, un-alone with this sentiment, and I wanna wear it every single day forever.


Dress// Modcloth (old)  Purse// LULU by LuLu Guinness  Shoes// Vans  Best Button Ever// Adam JK  Glasses// c/o Coastal


Jess Buckley said...

love the new hair, midge! and that button is hilarious. I'm not inked, but I'd get super annoyed with people asking about my tattoos!

Sammi said...

Omg we ARE reading each others' minds!! You look adorable and that button is great. That last picture of you is perfect!

xox Sammi

Kerri Heritage said...

I agree, I love getting dressed when I've changed my hair colour. Each outfit looks different all the time :) haha, I would like that button too! If someone is getting a tattoo, I love to hear about what they are getting but the reasoning, yeah, that's none of my business and I just don't understand the people that think it is.

All my tattoos are hidden when I am at work and mainly when I am out and about but I am forever asked why I chose my hair colour to be different... not quite the same I know, but if I same because I like it (same as maybe saying because you like tattoos) it's never the correct answer. Why you need a more deep and meaningful reason to like something different that most people is beyond me.

Rant over.

Looking lovely as always !

Gawly Gee said...

Love this outfit! Man I need that button! I always get, "I like your tattoo!" I have about 20 and in my head I'm always thinking, "which one?" but I just say, "thank youuuu" I guess they like the fact that I have tattoos? If I'm sitting around just talking to people I don't mind explaining but yeah if I'm out and about trying to run errands I don't really have time to stop and talk to a stranger haha. Oh well! The hair is still so beautiful!

Beth said...

People ask me all the time and I gladly explain. If you put something on your body that's visible you invite inquiry, put it where they can't see it if explaining something that should be close to your heart is bothersome. I've never understood people getting upset about that.

Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! Yeah, I don't mind any (non creepy) compliments but for people to think that I owe them a full on conversation about the non-existent deep meanings of a flower on my chest is so UGH, haha

Midge Blitz said...

I totally get your rant! A lot of my appearance really doesn't have any deep and meaningful significance, hair and tattoos included, it's just how I choose to look and no one owes any strangers and kind of explanation for it, ya know? And if I want to explain the significance of something I will, but usually with someone I'm already engaged in a conversation with. That I totally don't mind. Ok, my rant, over. haha!

Chloe Renee said...


Jenn said...

Such a great button! I get the "what does your tattoo mean?" question a lot at work. It's gotten to the point where I'm tempted to wear long sleeves in the summertime to cover it up. Like, I'm just there to do my job, not talk about my body mod decisions and the meaning behind them. Of course, I get that any position where I interact with customers makes this sort of inevitable, but it still irritates me because it feels so intrusive.

Also, that last photo is the best.