Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Lost Photos // Paris

Place de la Condorde 

Frida Kahlo Paintings at Musee l'Orangerie that I got in trouble for taking (I didn't see any no photos signs! )
 Protest art by the Pantheon. I think. 
Musee Petit Palais...it was quite cloudy the whole time I was there and this was one of the few sunny shots I was able to get.
Also, birds.

My dad actually took this last shot here. He borrowed my camera when me and mom when to go window shopping. But ain't it pretty?!



Anna said...

Fantastic photos!


Camille M said...

I'm french and I can tell you about something...

The street-art-protest is a list of french women who are known for their fights. They were feminists, anarchists etc . The painter wants them in the pantheon, where famous dead people are burried... most of them are men.

Think you'll know enjoy this pic a bit more

Kerri Heritage said...

Yay! More paris photos! Love them! Although not technically a photo of Paris, I do love the bird!

Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! I'll definitely enjoy it more now that I know for sure what it translates into. I had a feeling it was something about the lack of women in the pantheon when I saw Simone De Beauvoir's name, but I wasn't sure. The only woman I remember seeing there was Marie Curie, and she was next to her husband.

Nettie said...

Any trouble you got into for taking pictures of Frida's painting was worth it!!! I'd have tried to sneak them even if I saw the sign.