Friday, July 4, 2014

Office Window Makeover

I love my office gets the best light in the house. I really wanted a little corner where I can sit by it and look out, so I though buying a storage bench would work well, but then I got to thinking. The one thing we have a surplus of in this house is chairs. So I took these ikea ones from the table in our bedroom and placed them side by side and made my own bench! Left is before, and the right is after.

 And we still have enough chairs for every spot in the house, four for the dining room, two in the bedroom and these guys in here. So glad I didn't waste money on a becnh. I like being so resourceful.

It's great cause they have enough room underneath to slide my storage cubes underneath, and adding a curtain and a plant friend make a world of a difference.

Happy 4th weekend!


Chairs + Rug + Blanket// Ikea  Curtain + Arrow// Target  Storage Cubes// Michaels Pillow// Stitched by Rick


nonnaihr said...

I'm obsessed with that light up arrow. :)

Ms. Megan said...

This is SO CLEVER!! I love it!! xo

Jess Buckley said...

I have that arrow lamp in white! And this is such a cute and functional use for your space!

Kathy Crowley Belickis said...

Yep, being resourceful can (at times) be more fun than shopping! Love the arrow!