Friday, July 4, 2014


Pretty sure I've posted these sparkler photos on here before, but I really do love them in all their artsy and blurry glory, and today's a good day for a little re-share! And who doesn't love sparklers?! I kind of feel like these only work well as a series all together, as opposed to each photo on it's own, being as these are a bit abstract.

I took these last summer in Montauk on my film camera with B&W film. Good memories!



Kathy Crowley Belickis said...

Love & pretty without noise!!!!! They're peaceful fireworks!!!!

Amelia Mad said...

sparklers rule! And on film? even better. :)

Kerri Heritage said...

Love these photos! I'm sure i've only played with sparklers once in my life... that' rubbish, I need some more :)