Friday, August 8, 2014

Don't be a Hard Rock When You Can Really be a Gem

Yesterday we visited the Museum of Natural History. One of my favorite exhibits of the Hall of Gems. Because shiny things. They make me happy. Enjoy!



Kerri Heritage said...

The natural history museum is one of my favourite places to go! They have a pretty amazing one here in Brussels :)

Safiya said...

I recently went to the natural history museum in london and oh man I spent aggges in the rock section. That and dinosaurs, gotta love a dinosaur.

marisa said...

You're so lucky, when I went to the Natural History museum in San Diego during the gem convention, I wasn't able to take photos in the gallery :( Outside it though, there was this huge amethyst geode split down the middle and I took a fish eye photo of my ex boyfriend...... it's the only photo I kept because I love the rock so much :x

Ursula Zavala said...

I'm quite the avid rock collector. This is my kinda collection!! I want all of them!! >.>'