Friday, August 22, 2014

New to Me

I'll go on record here and say that I am all for finding thrown out stuff on the curb and bringing it home. Mind you, I'm no hoarder that will bring home anything I find. I am picky. But when we found this coffee table a few doors down, just thrown on it's side, I needed to take a closer look. I needed it!
I was a bit iffy about the ikea tables we were currently using, they were a tad flimsy. I like a coffee table I can rest my feet on after a long day. 

I also found that colorful book on the side in a pile of free books on someones stoop. The cover is hand screen printed, and numbered in pencil on the inside. It's filled with weird lofty poetry, but the cover is cool. Not to mention the typewriter, which my Aunt Gloria was awesome enough to send to me. She just had it lying around her house, and she knew I would appreciate it. Thanks, Glo!
It is a bit beat up, but I feel like for this kind if style of furniture it "goes". And check out the map detailing! So cool. The map is pretty much what had sold us on it. I really started to show through and shine once I attacked it with some Pledge. It's previous owners were most likely a bunch of "bros" because inside the draw were some xbox manuals, a remote, and some lighters. Something tells me that maybe they didn't admire this guy as much, which makes me happy to appreciate it and give it a second life!

Details on the little book I found. I contemplated carefully taking the cover off and hanging it as a poster, but I think I'll leave it.

The type writer is a Smith Corona, but I do not know the year it was made. The ribbon still works on the red side, too! I should still get a new one, though, it's still a tad faded.



Ms. Megan said...

what amazing finds!! that trunk/table is so pretty!! 'one mans trash....' :)

nonnaihr said...

jeez all that stuff looks amazing. The typewriter is in great shape and it's your color!! Love that coffee table too, I think I like it better than what I remember was there.

Jess Buckley said...

love this! I use my trunk as a coffee table too! I'm kind of addicted to the craigslist "free" section, and there's a gigantic salvation army warehouse near my house. I'm in thrift heaven!

Delores Harshaw said...

What an awesome find. I love the wear on it too, gives it character. & I love all the little pops of color around your home, its so lovely!

Gawly Gee said...

I love finding things people dump! When I was in the city I found some pretty useful things and even left some stuff out for people. Unfortunetly, you will probably get fined doing that in the suburbs of St. Louis.
Your set up is so cute and colorful. It looks so bright and inviting!