Friday, September 19, 2014

Amy Sedaris Meet & Greet!

Last Saturday I was lucky to go to a meet and greet with Amy Sedaris at my favorite kitchen ware shop, Fishs Eddy in NYC! We was super sweet and hilarious. She has a line out now there, and if you bought something from here, you got a free cupcake that she made. I also bought a pot holder that she handmade, too!
Mike told me "you guys look like different generations of the same thing." I would agree, haha.

Fishs Eddy is famous for selling these ceramic hands. I'm obsessed with them, I own four. I thought that being as I already have both of her books (and didn't bring one with me to the meet and greet) I asked if she would sign this hand. I feel like of all people, Amy Sedaris would totally appreciate signing something odd like a yellow ceramic hand, which she did! She said it was a fun thing to sign. She wrote "I gotta hand it to you".

 My new glasses! We kind of went on a glass breaking streak for some reason in the past couple of weeks, so I did actually need these.


Kristina, TweeValleyHigh said...

cute! She was super aloof when I met her, but I love a good craft event with cupcakes and cute home decor.

Lauren Douglas said...

Too freaking neat! I remember my sister used to really like her, and I've read only a small amount about her.. But I'd like to know more!
Recommendations on what I could read / what I should know? :D
And you guys totally do look alike. That is awesome.

betsy said...

That is so cool that you got to meet Amy Sedaris! I've always thought Strangers with Candy is like, THEE comedic performance of our time! Love your blog btw, Midge!

Kerri said...

I lol'd at the hand joke. I love people like that :)

Lemon Freckles said...

Good hand joke. ;) x

Cherie Cheezcake said...

Hahaha how adorable! I love that lady!

Missy Kulik said...

I love Amy Sedaris! She is so funny. She also has bunnies, too! I made my Blythe doll like her photo.