Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brimfield Antique Fair// My Haul

Finally got around to photographing all the stuff I got at Brimfield! My favorites are the vintage afghans. I've wanted a granny square one like this since forever.

 I think they add such a cheery amount of color to my room. These photos are making me wanna crawl back into bed like right now.
 I'm also finally a proud owner of some vintage pyrex, in awesomely autumnal shades just in time for fall.
 Yup, the now infamous doll head/busts. I looked for things like this last year but no success. But then I found these CUTIES and I was sold. The one of the left is way creepier because it has blinky eyes. I got this little kewpie for free, too.
 This clock is so sparkly and glorious, and works!
The dress I wore in my last post, and this awesomely Enid Coleslaw-like top! It heavy and itchy but I also got it for 5 bucks. Come to think of it, I got really good deals on everything. Bartering is part of the culture of these things, but for most of the stuff I bought was already marked down significantly because I was there the last two days of the event. I did talk down the price with the guy selling the doll heads though, I feel like you should get those for as cheap as you can manage. I know they're ridiculous, I'm not nuts. But I still think they're cool...

I also got a set of plastic cups with faces on them, but I left them at my parents' house. However they look exactly like the ones I snapped a photo of last year (the second photo in this post)

All in all, a good haul! (see what I did there)



Ms. Megan said...

!!!! i love it all!! you can never have enough granny square blankets or pryex! and i love that little kewpie doll + clock!! what amazing finds!!! xoxo

Midge Blitz said...

I agree whole heartedly! Thanks, I am pretty pleased with my new-to-me stuff :)

Kassandra Erickson said...

So many great finds, my favorite are the dolls! So creepy and peculiar :)

Kassandra | The Desert Poppy

cakesandcakesvintage said...

Those heads! Those are just fantastically creepy. I would love to have them displayed right by my front door, just to make people really nervous when they first walk in.

Kathy Crowley Belickis said...

Great stuff & a fun weekend!

Kerri said...

Awesome stuff, I love the black afghan, really adds a nice pop of colour the photo. There's something so satisfying about getting something you want at a reduced price, especially when bartering is involved!