Monday, September 8, 2014


I'm sure most people by now have heard about Modcloth's Fashion Truth pledge. Their Co founder Susan Koger wrote an open letter about her disappointment in the fashion industry and their unrealistic depictions of the average fashion lover and consumer, something she she proudly proclaims she is. 

Everyone wears clothes, and fashion is for everybody, so the industry should reflect that, but it really doesn't. She said in here video interview that you'll see something body positive every now and again, but then it back to "business as usual" which is such a shame. Show casing every body type and making people of all types feel empowered and awesome in the clothes they wear should be our new "business as usual". All kind of folks deserve to be represented in the clothing companies they support, it really even shouldn't be an issue.  
I'm a loud and proud feminist, and I am so all about what Modcloth is doing with this philosophy. It's about time that a big company like this that has the power to reach millions of ears and eyes and put it to good use and to enforce change in an industry they are a part of.
I'm of course wearing one of my favorite Modcloth dresses and shoes in this post, which both make me feel like the retro quirky goddess that I am and deserve to feel like. I love that they show case girls like me on their site as part of their customer base. Different hair cuts, tattoos, and body shapes. Not to mention, that this dress come in EVERY size. Not just the run of the mill small, medium, and large. In the size department, I know that I am fairly privileged. I'm usually a size 6, so I can basically shop anywhere I want. But I do try my best to not take that for granted. That also doesn't necessarily mean that the images the fashion industries force upon people doesn't sometimes make me feel like unworthy crap. I like to see myself as very confident in how I look, but we all have our days, which a lot of the time are triggered by fashion magazines. I think that if the images we saw were more diverse, where we can see ourselves reflected in whats marketed towards us, a lot of us would feel a ton better about ourselves. Like "oh, that person has funny hair and a booty too, and they look amazing! I can totally rock this".

So, that's my fashion truth. Share yours!


Dress// Modcloth  Shoes// Modcloth (sold out, similar)  Scarf//Vintage


Jess Buckley said...

Love this post, and I'm so happy that Modcloth is speaking out! Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves! That dress is adorable on you :)

Izzy McLeod said...

Such cute colours, I'm very glad modcloth is saying something and it's nice to see other brands doing some similar things, I really hope it spreads <3

The Quirky Queer

Kerri said...

I would be nice to see more 'people' in the adverts and fashion magazines. It really would. For e, it's always been the more 'alternative' stores that were always fine with having variety in their models, be in tattoos, hair or size. But as my style changed and I would shop around for things then I started to wonder where had all the different people gone, the people that seemed similar to me. It's nice to see it coming back, and I do love Modcloth as a shop and I'm glad they are still sticking to the advertising guns.

To me, I never really understood the harm of using an average person to sell clothes to another average person...
I've nothing against models, but I also like to see what clothes might look like on someone my height.

Gawly Gee said...

I love that Modcloth is taking this stance. I also love that Modcloth has the style gallery. I like to look at how different people wear the same dress or take one outfit and make it completely different. There are all types of people on there wearing all different types of styles. Having photos in the style gallery make me feel welcome and truly part of a community.

OrigamiGirl said...

I agree with Gawly Gee below. One of my favourite parts of Modcloth is that they have all the pictures of other people in the clothes, they're not embarrassed by their customers at all. I actually have only just purchased something from them because I've always been worried about the whole international returns business (and I'm excitedly waiting on it right now!) but I have always loved their aesthetic. And that dress definitely looks like a Modcloth piece, and looks amazing on you.