Monday, October 6, 2014


This was one of those impromptu photos where Mike and I are just strolling around town and I just hand him my iPhone and ask him to snap a few photos of me in front of some wall. I really like this outfit because it was mainly all black but with little peeks of color. This was yesterday, Sunday, and it's the first actually chilly day. I was nice walking around town and exploring and not sweating. These were taken all the way downtown, an area I haven't really explored much of yet. But as we were walking around I realized that this area was where we did most of out house hunting, before I became acclimated with the side streets of Hoboken. Funny to think about, like oh we almost lived around here. There's lots of cozy bars and little spots that I need to check out round those parts.


Jacket//JC Penny  Sweater//Abound  Boots//Bass  Scarf//Target  Bag//Kate Spade Socks//Hot Sox


Safiya said...

I love the little pops of colour too. And the Facebook and Instagram graffiti is so cool :) Jealous of where you live.

Kerri said...

I like to wear black like this, it's always better with a pop of colour!
Sometimes when we wander around time we imagine all the other places we could have lived, being as we chose our home quite quickly.

I'm loving the changing tones of your hair too!