Monday, December 8, 2014

BUST Craftacular

Oh hello, there! Long time no see. I am in the midst of holiday career  crafting madness, but loving every hectic crazy minute of it. This weekend was the BUST Magazine Holiday Craftacualr, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience in every single aspect. Rhiannon was such an amazing friend and kept me company both day the the fair and was my cheerleader and little helper and feedback giver. And Mike help me carry all of this crap to and from Greenpoint and bared the G train with me. 

 Not to mention all of the rad folks like you reading this now that I got to meet and talk with. One person said "your just as cool IRL as you are online" and I wanted to like cry. Ya'll are too much!
 Also this is my favorite table set up yet. I'm getting better at it fast! This shopping baskets are for sure my best curb find yet (aside from my trunk coffee table). I used my favorite vintage typewriter to display my prices and business cards. You can see they were slightly different on each day, because I forgot my earrings the first day because my brain was all over the place. I also forgot my decent camera so all of these are iphone photos. Though a few lovelies with nice camera asked and took some photos of my table, so if you're one of those lovelies and reading this, I'd love to see.

Me looking crazy while arranging my display on the first day. This is my candid face, and it's hilarious. I'm IN THE ZONE.

And you KNOW I made some time to shop the fair for myself, look forward to a haul post soon! All of the vendors were absolutely the best, and I sat next to such nice ladies. Especially to my right I met a lady who makes really cozy scarves and she was so much fun to talk to.

This fair was hands down the best fair I've been to, and I seriously cannot believe how lucky I am to have this as par of my job. There wasn't a dull moment and all of you who stopped by couldn't have been more fabulous. THANK YOU!!!!!!



PaigeAlyson said...

Can I ask how you price your items? I would like to create and sell things myself, but I'm not sure how to consider pricing of certain items to make them competitive, yet reasonable, and profitable? Any pointers? I'd appreciate it!

Michelle | said...

Ahhh the BUST Craftacular sounds like the coolest show ever! I really hope I get to see you at a show one day. :) I can't imagine lugging all my show crap via public transit! It fills up my whole car haha.

Jess Buckley said...

so exciting. I wish I was in the area, it sounds like such a good show!

Kerri said...

I love hearing about your craft business, I'm not sure why, I just think the things you make are pretty awesome and it's nice to hear when people are doing great!

I haven't been to a craft fair in ages! I think I'm going to look one up right now haha

Midge Blitz said...

Kerry, that means so much, thank you! And yes go! They are sooo much fun and you get to chit chat with some awesome people :)

PaigeAlyson said...

I know you are very busy right now, so I dont want to bother you. But I'd love to hear some pointers from a pro when you have time in the future. I'll check back at a less busy time. Thanks!