Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photo Diary// Cozy

 I'm working non-stop to get my apparel line finished for this week! Sneak peek coming (hopefully) tomorrow. I haven't photographed any of them yet or drafted any listing details. I need the weather cooperate a bit more for my product photos to look nice and sunny. 
I'm also getting tattooed tomorrow, which was spur of the moment, I had an appointment for December by she had a cancellation and I got a sooner date! Which is better, because as busy as I am now, I'll be 10 times more busy in the height of the holiday shopping season. Busy, busy week! So here's a cozy themed photo diary to make it seem like I'm relaxed.
This candle is from Michaels and it's awesome. It smells like autumn pie. I wasn't expecting it to smell so nice, and it fills my entire apartment! I'm usually a candle snob, but this is a really good cheap one. I bought it mainly for the little chalkboard label that you can draw on yourself. 
Weird art and jewelry hanger in my bedroom, probably my favorite room in the house.

Fun fact: we own a Napoleon and Josephine chess set. I got it for Mike one Christmas a few years a go and a chess shop in the west village.
Here's Todd the pigeon again, this time tying to peek into my bathroom. Pervert.
Last but not least...WINE! Cool /cold weather makes me looove red wine. Out friends got us this bottle, mainly because of the packaging but it was actually pretty good. Also in this photo, the living room wasn't rearranged yet. I put the couch where the TV was and vice versa. Now I have a totally blank wall above my couch but I'm fixing that soon with a collection of mirrors! Will share soon.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Twin Peaks Funeral

Don't worry, no one died. But that was all that was running through my head when I was wearing this look. Like a gothy Audrey Horne kinda thang. I love the fuzziness of the sweater and how easy it is to fid that style now a days.  When I was buying it the person ringing me up was just like "this is fuzzy as hell". I love the Manhattan H&M.
It's been a crazy week, sorry if it's been dead round these part the last few days. I'm starting a...wait for it.. apparel line! I'm currently in the process of hand screen printing my designs on t-shirts and sweat shirts for my shop! And I'll also eventually be adding dresses and button downs.  I'm super duper excited, it's been a long time coming. I love figuring out fun designs that would be awesome to wear, and I feel like this is kind of my calling. So, needless to say, I've been a busy working bee up in here. But at this rate I'll be able to launch the first part of my line in my etsy store  by Monday or Tuesday! Right now my studio is completely covered in drying racks with shirts and boxes on the floor.


Top + Skirt// H&M (this season)  Shoes//Steve Madden (similar)  Watch// Go Jane

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Botanical Gardens Part Four// It's Alive!

Ok, last bit of pictures from this day! It almost October ALREADY and it's definitely feels weird posting pictures from the summer. I have a disposable camera lying around that also has summer pictures on it, I'm excited to get that developed. 

Anyway, on to this picture of a fish.
LOOK AT THIS GUY! How adorable.

I called this turtle "yoga turtle".


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Layer Up!

If you go back in my blog in the non-summer months you will know that I am a HUGE layering fan. I've been meaning to introduce more separates into my wardrobe, but for now I'll throw some tops under or over an dress, especially when either piece has a collar that ties the whole look together!

You can tell I went out later that night (friday) cause I'm wearing more make-up than usual, haha. Now-a-days, I can go a few days with no make-up what so ever. So it's nice to get gussied up on weekends. Oh, and do you like my new ring? It's new in my shop in the ring section, I love it so much I wanted my own. Something about the fall that makes me want to watch Twin Peaks on repeat.


Dress// Modcloth (sold out)  Sweater// H&M  Watch// Go Jane Necklace// Handmade from antique charm  Ring// Modern Girl Blitz Shop  Boots// Bass

Friday, September 19, 2014

Amy Sedaris Meet & Greet!

Last Saturday I was lucky to go to a meet and greet with Amy Sedaris at my favorite kitchen ware shop, Fishs Eddy in NYC! We was super sweet and hilarious. She has a line out now there, and if you bought something from here, you got a free cupcake that she made. I also bought a pot holder that she handmade, too!
Mike told me "you guys look like different generations of the same thing." I would agree, haha.

Fishs Eddy is famous for selling these ceramic hands. I'm obsessed with them, I own four. I thought that being as I already have both of her books (and didn't bring one with me to the meet and greet) I asked if she would sign this hand. I feel like of all people, Amy Sedaris would totally appreciate signing something odd like a yellow ceramic hand, which she did! She said it was a fun thing to sign. She wrote "I gotta hand it to you".

 My new glasses! We kind of went on a glass breaking streak for some reason in the past couple of weeks, so I did actually need these.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweater Weather

I need to stock up on some more bright tights, the ones from last year are starting to fall apart! This pair is one of my favorites, because they're super opaque. The top is something different for me, its pretty loose and free flowing, though its sort of hard to tell here. I looove the textured grey and the sheer back though.
I bought this bat at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn last winter/fall (scratch that...two years ago! Time flies!) I like it better as a necklace, but I like the option of wearing it on my head if I feel the need to be supremely spooky that day.


Top// Under Skies (similar)  Skirt//H&M  Tights// HUE Opaque  Necklace//Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn  Shoes//Modcloth (sold out, similar)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brimfield Antique Fair// My Haul

Finally got around to photographing all the stuff I got at Brimfield! My favorites are the vintage afghans. I've wanted a granny square one like this since forever.

 I think they add such a cheery amount of color to my room. These photos are making me wanna crawl back into bed like right now.
 I'm also finally a proud owner of some vintage pyrex, in awesomely autumnal shades just in time for fall.
 Yup, the now infamous doll head/busts. I looked for things like this last year but no success. But then I found these CUTIES and I was sold. The one of the left is way creepier because it has blinky eyes. I got this little kewpie for free, too.
 This clock is so sparkly and glorious, and works!
The dress I wore in my last post, and this awesomely Enid Coleslaw-like top! It heavy and itchy but I also got it for 5 bucks. Come to think of it, I got really good deals on everything. Bartering is part of the culture of these things, but for most of the stuff I bought was already marked down significantly because I was there the last two days of the event. I did talk down the price with the guy selling the doll heads though, I feel like you should get those for as cheap as you can manage. I know they're ridiculous, I'm not nuts. But I still think they're cool...

I also got a set of plastic cups with faces on them, but I left them at my parents' house. However they look exactly like the ones I snapped a photo of last year (the second photo in this post)

All in all, a good haul! (see what I did there)