Friday, October 31, 2014

Looks of Halloween Past

My costume this year is the bomb dot com, but I have yet photograph it for everyone to see. In the meantime here's some past favorite Halloween/Costume looks. I'll return shortly with this years look, and you betcha it's Twin Peaks themed!

Halloween 2012 (stay home because of Sandy but still sorta dressed up)

Happy Halloween! Stay tuned for this years look...


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween in Hoboken

I recently creeped around my neighborhood and snapped photos of all the awesome halloween decorations around town. My building doesn't partake in these decorations, unfortunately(booooo!). But the ones that do, go ALL out.

The main halloween decoration trend I see around here is the spiderwebs that go up and down entire brownstones which I think is THE COOLEST SHIT EVER. 

 These ghosties were one of my favorites. I love quirky little decorations like them.

My favorite spiderweb shot. Can't we just keep these up all year round? Pleeeease?

I still don't have my costume completely figured out which makes me feel like a big jerky jerk, because I usually have it figured out before October even hits.
I'm determined to find a non-douchy halloween bar party some where here in Hoboken. I think I have a few leads, just gotta stay off the main street where there are lots of fratty-type bars. Hope you have something fun planned as well! I know I get kind of stressed out on Halloween just because its the best of all the holidays (duh) and I try too hard to have fun. This year I'll try my best to relax and go with the flow.

Happy Almost Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cool Cat

 Normally, I would find it kinda corny to wear my own stuff like this. My own stuff meaning the t-shirt is from my shop. But I'  just like really proud of my t-shirts and the things I make in general and I like to benefit from the fruits of my labor, ie, wear my own work.
 These are the last photos on my blog you'll see with this backdrop cause my bookcase arrived last week! It take up the entire wall and looks so dang profesh. Can't wait to do a second studio tour, we're definitely due for one here! The room has changed drastically since I first moved in, obviously for the better. I now have storage for everything in my office and being all organized and knowing exactly where everything is totally provides a good peace of mind.


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Friday, October 24, 2014

Summer Flashback

I recently got a disposable camera that I brought on our labor day weekend with me developed, it's a nice little flashback to summer. Reason number one million that I like film camera way more than digital.
We were at Long Branch, NJ. Our first non-Montauk beach vacation. It was fun, but Montauk is seriously way better. It's alot more laid-back and less resort-y. Resorts are weird to me, like this weird fake town you live in for a week or weekend. Montauk is an actual town, and you can set up your own bonfires. 
 None the less, there was a pool with drinks and a beach and a great view. So I was a happy camper.

 Guilty of the hot dog leg.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Good Red Dress

I looove the print on this dress. And it's handmade, too! As you might gather given my profession, handmade goods are kind of my jam. I'm always down for a good abstract print on a dress as opposed to a regular plaid or floral. And I really like the textiles Emily uses in her shop. It's also nice and soft. I really gravitate towards comfy everyday dresses. Working from home, I usually just wear a simple comfortable dress like this. I can't stay in my pajamas all day, cause then at the end of the day you feel like you didn't earn that glorious feeling of putting on sweatpants and watching TV.

I've also been putting off getting a new infinity scarf, and this mustard one is so gorg. So happy I finally remembered to buy one in my most recent Modcloth bank account massacre. I also got things for my home from there, which I've never done, I've only gotten clothes. I got book ends and frames. Yay at having a place to decorate!

I'm glad it' hump day. It's raining and there are guys power washing outside my building. Why.


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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello Monday

My favorite thing about those cheapy H&M skirts is that they can blend with a t-shirt really well, making them look like one piece. I'm really pleased with how this looked turned out, I actually wear it all the time, because I love this shirt so much.

This Bitch necklace like gives me super powers or something. I dunno, something about wearing something that's subversive but looks normal from afar makes me feel like I'm getting away with something.
Not to mention, I'm finally the proud owner of some good ol' doc marten mary janes! No joke, I've wanted a pair of these suckers for years and for some reason I kept on putting it off/forgetting about it. It feels good to finally have a pair, and I've officially broken them in by now too. Which wasn't nearly as bad/painful as I thought it would be. It still sucked though. As a fair warning if you ever get a pair.

I'm sitting in my apartment writing this and looking at these pictures makes me cold. This was probably the last warm day around here, but now the heat hasn't turned on in my building yet and I'm fuh-reezing.
Well, this post was filled with random tid-bits. Happy Monday?


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Photo Diary// Mid-October

I just put in a order for a huuuuge wall-spanning book case for my office, but until that arrives, this is where my sweatshirt stock lives.
Recently found my old folder of originals, some were made into sucessful designs for the shop. It's really cool to see the original thing up close, even though I'm the one who made it.
I (successfully....gasp!) made this banana bread recipe. Pats self on back.
Picked up this cool lantern thing from Michaels. I may go back and buy a bunch more...I can have a colony of those things glowing in my living room.
Hung a mirror made from a window pane above the couch.
My POV from taking outfit photos the other day, not sure why I like this shot so much. But it sure has been grey here lately, and this photo is proof.
So, I like to stay in my living room and burn more candles.
I was hoping to take outfit photos yesterday, out in the world and stuff, but this humidity is draining me of all my energy to go outside. It's so gross. Sunday it will be actual fall again, so I'm excited for that. It's weird how much weather affects people, I guess thats why it's always common small talk for like every human.