Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo Diary// Photo Dump

I have quite the back log of random photos to share with you for a long over due photo diary. Here goes nothin...
The floor is my favorite place to sit and draw. Give me the nicest desk in the world, I'll still plop myself on the rug in my studio instead.
A window sill in my living room lookin all pretty. That wine bottle my late uncle gave me because it has a Keith Harring Label and the vintage is my birth year! You may have seen it here and there in the background of my photos, wondering why that wine bottle is always hanging out. I also have a flattened version of it to hang on my wall that my dad got me years later, of the same exact label!
My ceramic hand signed by Amy Sedaris on a shelf in my living room, surrounded  by pretty birdies my mom gave me.
Studio shelf. Those shopping baskets were like the best curb find ever. They look cool and are soooo handy. On top is random stuff that I don't know where to put and the bottom holds my button making supplies.
More window sills, this being the bay window in the bedroom. My favorite in the house because it's a bay window and uh, doesn't face a brick wall. The Raggedy Ann vase my parents say they swiped from some table they were sitting at on their honeymoon. Rowdy.
Miranda July's new book, The First Bad Man. I'm just at the part where it starts to get really weird. and Miranda July-y. Are you / have you read it? I like it but I'm not NUTS about it, it's super uh, Miranda July.

I snapped these photos of the WTC from my bed room window, with a telephoto lens. I wanted to see how close up I could get with that baby, and damn it can zoom! Can't believe I'm able to get a NYC shot like that from an apartment in Jersey!
Spent a cozy evening last week reading zines in bed, my friends got me a huge bundle from Chrsitmas. They're all perzines (personal zines), which are my favorite. It's reading someone's diary. 
Oh, and here's a cat in Brooklyn saying hi.



Safiya said...

I am exactly the same when it comes to working at desks - the floor is just so much more comfortable - And there is more space to spread yourself out.

Kerri said...

Wow that's some zoom! It's quite ok to put things out for people to take back at home in the UK, but they don't do it so much here in Belgium. I've seen on broken chair that was free, but nothing good... Sigh.

Ms. Megan said...

i love these kinds of peeks into peoples lives!! ^-^ that stack of zines looks beautiful and THAT CAT!!!! aawwwwwwww!!!! ≥^..^≤

Fawne said...

Awwwwwww kitty! :)

Kelsey said...

I like photo dump posts :) And I've read No One Belongs Here More Than You and totally loved it. I'll have to read her new book. She's so weird and brilliant.

Chaos Parade

Nora Gouma said...

I love the two birdies look so cute. Very interesting blog , truely inspiring , thanks for sharing. Absolutly amazing!!!