Monday, January 5, 2015

Smell Ya Later, 2014! You Were Cool.

Rather than setting resolutions during the new year, I like to just take a look back and see all the cool shit I did accomplish, as opposed to setting up goals before-hand and possibly setting my self up for some disappointment. So here we go, things that in 2014 that were awesome in no particular order:

First things first, bought our first condo. Biggest thing to happen all year, and it was a long time coming. Well worth the wait, this place is EVERYTHING. Not to mention it keeps on getting better. 

 Survived the worst winter EVER.

 Met Amy Sedaris and she told me I dress like a deaf person. I also had her sign my fishs eddy hand that I have a huge collection of by now.

Did TWO Bust Magazine Craftaculars, both fun and productive. This most recent one I was more seasoned and probably had more fun because I was waaay less stressed, and I also had Rhiannon with me to keep me company.

Two new tattoos. And my first big arm one. I'm such a  tough guy. harharhar.

Explored some favorite quirks of my new town. 

Finally started making t-shirts for my etsy shop.

Had a great weekend meeting up with Sammi and Krstina and talk about all the blogger things. So awesome!

 Definitely last but not least, we spent our first Christmas and New Years here. Oh so sentimental.
I don't think this photo has seen the blog world yet, but I made Mike take a photo of me holding an eggplant (that was going to be out eggplant parm dinner) and I posted it to my instagram with the caption "The Christmas Spell has gone terribly wrong and I accidentally turned Mike into an eggplant. Merry Christmas from us none-the-less" I smell next year's Christmas card. 

Anywho, thanks for being a reader of my blog this past crazy year. And I'll be posting more like a normal person soon, promise. It's my first full week back at work since December 22nd. How do I even start?! 



Kerri said...

What an awesome year you've had! I hope 2015 brings you plenty more of where it all came from!

PS. Sorry about Mike. He makes a nice aubergine though ;)

Marianne said...

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished! I can't wait til I can own my own place.