Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 Fist real snow of the season, and man it's purdy. Call me Lorelei Gilmore but I really enjoyed my walk yesterday in the light snow fall. Also, I wish I came up with "Snowboken" but alas, it's a common phrase round these parts. I also thought I came up with "Hobroken" (like "Brokelyn") but just the other day my computer picked up a wireless network called just that. Womp.

Anyway, more pretty snow photos await you...

And from the safety of my cozy apartment...

Also, while we're on the subject of my town, the New York Times finally recognized Hoboken as a good NYC alternative (something I've been telling people for a few years now) in this article. I feel like everyone who lives here is sharing this article with every one like, "SEE?! THE NYT THINKS WE'RE COOL!"

Did you get your fist snow yet? Are you as obsessed as I am or does it make you rage?


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