Friday, February 13, 2015

Be My Unlucky Galentine

Today is Galentines Day and Friday the 13th and I don't know if I should eat some waffles or go get a spur of the moment tattoo. In reality, work is busy so I'll be here. HAH. I might do the tattoo thing soon though, because we have ANOTHER Friday the 13th next month! Booyah. Jokes on you, double made-up holiday.
And the heart tights have made a come back. Haven't worn them in quite  a while, they've missed me. This shirt dress actually used to be mom's and she didn't want it anymore. It's funny cause I've been looking for something just like it! I'm a lucky duck.

I found this pin in etsy, how cute is it!! I will never give up my love for vermin. IDGAF they're adorable.

Anyways, Happy Galentines, and/or Friday the 13th! I think I may have missed my perfect opportunity to throw a witch party. Dammit.


Dress// Acquired from Mom, from American Apparel Tights// Kensie  Brooch// Casa Girl  Shoes// Modcloth (sold outies) Glasses// Amazon


Marianne said...

"jokes on you double made up holiday" that made me laugh so hard. Also I love vermin. I had three rats when I was little and every time I tell people that they get super weirded out. But they're awesome!

Krista Clor said...

My Mom has lots of good clothes and it makes me extra happy whenever she gets tired of one and hands it down to me. I wish she'll give me a dress shirt thing like that one, too!

Kathryn said...

I personally would have gone for a spur of the moment tattoo ;) Is there anything better?

Hope work wasn't too busy and you ended up having a lovely weekend :)

x Kathryn
Through the Thicket