Friday, February 20, 2015

Nerd Shoes

Hi! I love a good basic outfit like this. Easy peasy. And I'm wearing what I call my nerd shoes cause, well, they are a tad nerdy. I mean, velcro, hello. Velcro on the shoes screams "I'm really a nun". But I like them at the same time. They have a bit of a heel which is nice.

One of my latest little drawings that I'll soon being sending over to get burned onto a silkscreen for the shop for shirts. I really like the simplicity of this one!
I was gonna leave this last picture out but I'm amused by the expression on my face. It's the face I make when I realize that I'm taking self portraits in my office and how silly that seems sometimes. Combined with an existential crisis, which I have like, on the daily. Anyway, happy friday or whatever!


Dress// Modcloth  Sweater// Target  Shoes// Thrifted  Watch// Go Jane Pin// Explorer's Press  Necklace// C Wonder


emily said...

ok just looked at your shop and literally everything in it is perfect. i favorited it so i can come back later when i'm not a poor college student and buy everything.

Midge Blitz said...

aw, thanks so much! that really means a lot :)

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