Monday, March 23, 2015

Factory Girl

 Oh my god you guys I seriously had the best weekend ever in a long time. Friday evening I made a healthy dinner and put my PJ's on and hung out wit Mike and Netflix. Then around Midnight we weren't feeling tired so we got spiffed up and went down to a bar called the Turtle Club that slings out really good craft cocktails. I had the tastiest Manhattan I've had in a while!

Saturday was jam packed. We headed to all the way downtown Hoboken, mainly to check out this vintage and antique shop called The Frayed Knot. It used to be a horse stable, so it's fairly big, and the do a lot of refurnishing of old furniture and other bigger pieces. I saw a parking meter that was made int a really rad floor lamp. Needless to say, new favorite store here in town. The store is just amazing, and if you're in this area you need to check it out. I bought some old weird things, which is what I do best. If you follow me on instagram , you'll know that I picked up the weirdest of all the weird objects you can possibly find in an antique store.
After the store we took (these) outfit photos, because there's so many cool looking old industrial buildings that make for such good backdrops. I especially love this old factory building. We grabbed a late lunch/early dinner uptown shortly after (TRUFFLE FRIES) and then headed to NYC to see some friends and stayed out too late (good thing in my book).

Sunday we got lunch with Mike's folks in Jersey City. We passed Iris Records, which I've always wanted to go in and so we did, and my god that's one of the better record stores I've been in in a while. I swear, two new favorite shops in one weekend? Booooyah. Can't beat that. This store had a Twee AND a Riot Grrrl section! Seriously, they had everything imaginable under the sun. I of course stuck to the punk and indie section, leaving with Machine Gun Etiquette by the Damned and There is No Enemy by Built to Spill. I love getting some old favorite albums on vinyl. The Damned was probably the first punk band I really got into. They are so good. Also, they guy working there wasn't snotty. Bonus points.
I remember finding this building over a year ago on one of out house hunts and snapping some photos cause I thought it was cool. Pretty sure it's in one of my photo diary entries from early 2014.

Saturday was still kinda winter weather, but I could wear my lighter of all my winter coats which also happens to be my favorite. I also have a new found obsession with ringer tees. I have no idea why.

How was your weekend?


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