Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Photo Diary// Around the Shop

It's kinda funny, my office/studio serves as more as my shop space, than a creating space sometimes. I find myself usually drawing and writing at a table I have in my bedroom that faces out our bay windows and view of the city. Or if I'm drawing stuff in my office I'm usually sitting on the floor, not at my desk. I feel like my desk serves the purpose more of a order packing station, which is like 80% of my job. But hey, I'm cool with that! I documented some things while packing orders up yesterday.
On a recent trip back to my parents house I found more of stuff I left behind in the move, including my beloved grape lights! I've had these for over 10 years now. Some of them go on and off, but that's ok cause they still look cool when they're off. I like to turn them on around 4, when the sun starts to go away. Though that will be ending soon..daylight savings next week!
Another thing I got from home, my colored pencils. Again, even though I like to draw outside this room more often than not, I still keep most of my supplies in here. They look so pretty with all the different colors.
 Been printing shirts like a mad woman lately! Made a sizable wholesale order for em, almost done!!
 Speaking of shirts, I finally have tags for my apparel. So profesh ;)
I realized it was actually March after I took this photo and ceremoniously said goodbye to February by tearing the sheet off to reveal a new month, and Spring! (sooooooon)
This wall by my clock has become my little spot to tape up small things that inspire me, including some cute stuff I get in the mail! Someone on instagram sent me the cutest package recently including some awesome drawings (if you're reading this, I'm sending you something back soon!)
 Coffee in my favorite mug. It deceivingly holds like 6 cups, and it stays warm cause of the flared top. Yaaaas. I painted it myself at my old job at the pottery shop.
 Packing up a mystery bag, which all come with a cute little drawing from me! I love including those, and it gives me a good opportunity to try out new doodles that can become real designs.
 My drawer unit next to my desk. From bottom to top: Tape, glue, and stamps, boxes for shipping out jewelry, jewelry stock, brooch and mirror stock, and shit load of cardboard squares that I use to sandwich pocket mirrors when shipping them.
 One of my favorite new items, The Grrrl Ring!

Hope you liked the little peek into my office days! I was thinking of doing a little list of tips for working from home or something along those lines. Is there anyone out there that would find that useful?


PS I mentioned sending stuff in the mail- if you fancy a new pen pal (me) write to me at:

PO Box 5217
Hoboken, NJ



Colleen said...

Your office is unbelievably cute! I love your new tags!


Brooke @ You're In Brookelynn said...

Oh my gosh I am in love with your office. I am loving that calendar too! I've always wanted to start an online business and work from home, it's actually one of my dreams when I finish college- so I'd definitely be interested in some tips! :)

Sarah DeBoice said...

What a great space! The wall above your desk is so awesome and I love your tags and business cards. :)

Jamie Bowe said...

OMG those grape lights are perfect, and I just love your office's vibe. It's always one of my favorite things when an entrepreneur shares their work space :-)

Midge Blitz said...

Yay! Thanks!

Midge Blitz said...

Awesome! :)

emily said...

ok your office is the cutest ever.