Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photo Diary // Quirky Hoboken

So I have to admit I thought of this theme for this photo diary after the fact, however I think I got some good shots considering! I gotta head out again soon with the same theme in mind to see what i find. This red and blue awning is one of my favorites. It's metal! You don't see that too often. 
Ever since moving here I've developed an interest in charming architecture details. It's become the new thing I point out on the street to people I'm with, like "Oooh that person has stained glass bay windows!" or "Look they painted their fire escape purple!" Yeah. 

I'm guessing this was a bird feeder, though it looks like it hasn't really fed too many birds just yet. i just thought it was so funny when I saw a bagle hanging from a tree. BUT one good thing about this photo is look...buds are forming on the trees! IT'S ALMOST ACTUALLY HAPPENING. SPRING.
I think that last "N" is backwards. Womp womp.
8 bit graffiti art! This looks like it's been there for quite some time but I loooove finding this stuff none-the-less. 
This was taken a bit back when all the snow was still here (smell ya later snow) but I still wanted to share. Dolphins still doin their thang in harsh winter weather. You go dolphins.
When ever I see these colorful brownstones next to each other I'm reminded of the intro to"Bob's Burgers". If they didn't live by the boardwalk I would totally say that show takes place here in Hoboken. But they're totally in Jersey, with Linda's accent and all.


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