Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kitchen Tour Part 1

This past weekend we painted our kitchen, finally! I've been dreaming of a minty green kitchen since we closed on the place. And being as my kitchen (and the entire apartment, for that matter) has changed quite a bit since I last shared it here on the blog, I thought it would be a great time to share a full tour! You can see the post from when I first shared it on the blog here. It's so funny looking back on those photos and seeing how much more personalized my home has become. Anyway, onwards!

 We decided to keep the "dining room" area as is (just for now, in case you didn't know, I'm not much of a beige kinda gal). That way we have a way to separate all the different parts of our place. Haven't decided yet on that color, though (open to suggestions!).
I love in the morning how the bay windows in the bedroom let in all the super duper bright morning light as I sip coffee and groan. Not a morning person, but pretty windows do help.
 Coffee coffee, all the time coffee. This post was totally brought to you by coffee. I sense a theme here. How cool is this mug?
 My oatmeal canister might be a bit too big for the amount of oatmeal I put it in, but it's good for now. I always over estimate size for containers. So bad at it.
 We inherited a bunch of wooden utensils from Mike's folks, and I love how they look in the mason jar on the counter. They add a good amount of character, and are of course functional.
Since I wrote my last post about my kitchen, I was talking about how I was pumped to have my own space to do some cooking. Fast forward to now, and I'm approaching Martha status. OK, not really, but I am making home cooked meals pretty often. My favorite thing right now is roasted vegetables, especially brussels sprouts, with shredded parmesan cheese. Easy peasy!
I've attempted baking, not great it it, but I really enjoy doing it, its soothing for me.

 And here is my kitchen's pride and glory: my little shelf. I suggested painting it black. We have a lot of colorful little kitchen tchotchkes that I thought would really pop against a dark background. I'm so happy with how it came out. I also like how the black matches the other black and white accents of the room, and I la la loooove how it looks with the mint green. These actually used to have cabinets on them right above the microwave, and because of the way the handles were situated they were almost impossible to open. So in the garbage they went, voila, dust collector display! Ha!

I know I just said "dust-collector display" but I do use a lot of the stuff in here. The orange pyrex bowl is great for a mixing bowl while baking, and the other bowls are good for uh, food. I don't recommend using vintage thermoses that have rust on them, though. But I needed that thing because the pattern is so cool.
Remember those little guys? They were my "face plant" planters. Then I killed the plants because I'm horrible. So they're here for now, hiding from me.

Stayed tuned for part two coming tomorrow!


Wall Plate + Fruit Bowls// Handpainted  Spoons, Crystal Glasses, Chairs, Stovetop Stuff// Hand-me-downs  Pyrex, Thermos, Face Cups// Vintage  Tiny Bowls + Hands// Fishes Eddy  Blue Canister, Giant Canister, Rug, Knives// Target  Never Sleep Mug// c/o Tee Fury

(if I skipped anything, just ask!)


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