Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kitchen Tour Part 2

For such a small kitchen, it's sort of funny that I needed to separate my photos into two posts. OK, so this time it's like mostly of my refrigerator. Cause it has so much stuff on it.

I don't know what I would do if my fridge was not magnetic. Where else am I supposed to put all my weird scraps? I've also wanted those alphabet magnets for a while, I like spelling out dumb stuff. Though, "dog fart why me" is all Mike's doing. So is the collection of the fruit stickers. There was this dinky market we would frequent when he used to live in Montreal that had an entire door covered with fruit stickers, and it was amazing.

I DIYed a couple of things on here. First is my pen holder, made out of those cool mustard tins. All you need is a strong magnet to place on the inside, and voila! It holds my pens and the occasional Shop-Rite coupon.

Not to mention how much I love these Charles Burns magnets.
Another DIY where all you need is a strong magnet and a bottle cap! I really liked this one so I thought it deserved some space on the fridge. Also, the beer itself was SO GOOD.
The following lovely craft idea I got from the all powerful and great Amy Sedaris. You'll need a Land o' Lakes butter box and an xacto knife.  Don't know if you've ever noticed, but her knees look just like boobs. So, you cut the knees out of one side of the box and on the other, cut out a flap where she's holding the butter. Then you tape the "boobs" on the back to line up with the hole you created. Now you got a flasher!
Part of me feels like this is like the oldest trick in the book, but it still makes me laugh. And my friends always get a kick out of it too.

 My bar-cart, because when it comes to quirky home decor trends, I am weak. It did what a lot of people did and used this rolly cart from Ikea. And yes, that IS an enormous bottle of Jager. Don't judge.

I loooove my spice rack. I got it at a garage sale and painted the thunderbolt on it myself. Then we screwed it into the wall. I also love how it serves as a shelf for other things. Now it's holding my hand painted teapots that I only display in fear of breaking them.
Well, that's pretty much it! This is my super duper close up of my dining room table where I have my breakfast and coffee. COFFEE.


Various magnets// Blue Q  Alphabet magnets + stripper glasses// Fishes Eddy   Instagram magnets// DIY  Notepad// Sugarcookie  Coffee patch// Etsy  (shop no longer exists) Bar cart// Ikea  Eye spoon rest/dish// Deme Ceramics  Mug// c/o Teefury


Colleen said...

Your glasses in your bar cart are so cute!


Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! I love those glasses so much that I barely use them and just display them,haha

Lisa Kaminski said...

My mom showed me the Land O' Lakes trick as a kid because she's a class broad. Thumbs up.

Midge Blitz said...

hahahaha awesome. Thumbs up right back!

Becky Garratt said...

Totally stealing the magnet in the tin idea. Genius. Random fact: Colman's mustard is from where I live, there's a museum and everything.

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