Monday, May 4, 2015

Another Living Room Tour

So now that I've officially been here for a year, I thought I should share how much my space has evolved since. You can see the first two parts of my living room tour here and here.
Mainly, the furniture has been re-arranged and more stuff is on display. Also, I've added some more cozy elements to the room. When I first started decorating I thought that I kinda liked a starker look but when it came time to actually live in it, I found that I like cozier, softer and darker elements much better.

I decided to take living room photos on a whim one day when the light in this room as really good. I savor it when this room gets good light, because both windows face another building so it can get pretty dark in there. But during the Spring and Summer late afternoons, the light is so bright and inviting. Anyway, I took these on a whim and because of that, the room isn't styled to the nines. This is basically what it looks like everyday, and I'm happy to share that version of it, rather than and overly styled catalog-y living room that doesn't really exist.

So as I said before, I started to find my own decorative style by trying out what I thought I liked, and basically began tweaking as I went along. Judging by all the spaces I liked on pinterest, I thought I would want a stark space with lots of white. I tried it and I found my self craving the opposite, so I continued to add stuff in to make it more to my liking, and of course it's a never ending process. I kid you not, since taking these photos, the records and frames on my wall ledges have already been re-arranged on a caffeine fueled sunday morning.

Peek-a-boo! I love the mirrors above the couch. Sometimes they reflect some light from the bay windows down in the bedroom, lightening the place up a bit.
I decided on a tall shelf to hold my turntable among other things. Eventually I want to get a big console to just hold everything at once, TV, records, turntable and crap, but this will do for now. Thank god for low ikea prices and not having to commit to certain furniture pieces.
One great thing about switching the furniture it that we have a make-shift entry way area now. We couldn't really have one there with the couch in the way. So now we have a place to throw our keys and shoes. It was fun arranging things so that we could get the best use of the space in this room. It seems a lot bigger in here now, there's much more open space.

It's funny how were just put everything where the previous people did, couch in the same spot and everything. But we quickly realized how silly that was and did what worked better for us.

I bought these lil shelves that used to be drawers at the vintage shop around the corner. I wanted tiny little things to screw into the wall to hold little things, and these turned out perfect.

Mike's rock collection is kind of the only thing that stay the same in this room, haha.
This floral wall is still one of my favorite details in the place. I still really want to paint in here, cause beige isn't our thing, but one thing at a time I guess. If you look closely in one of the pictures of the couch you'll see that I left the paint swatch of colors we have in mind on the wall..whoops!
This alphabet is a piece I did in college that I still love, so it always some sort of place of honor.

Welp, that's it! Next time I show you pictures it'll probably be a new color. Wooo!



Jess Buckley said...

your living room is so cute. I love how much personality you've incorporated into the space!

Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! Personality is important :)

Jennifer Hankin said...

I love the way you've decorated this space! My house is decorated in a similar way, :D

Nuri Banu said...

Awesome photos and colors - thanks for sharing the smart memories!