Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Stuff// Pretty Perfume

OK, maybe something not so well known about me. I LOVE perfume. I'm also a seasonal perfume wearer, meaning I have certain scents for certain times of the year. I like doing that so that smell evokes that time of year and season. For example, my mom does this too, and she will only wear her Chanel #5 around Christmas time. So when ever I smell that stuff, whatever time of year it is, I think of Christmas, especially from my childhood.


I like Karma by Lush pretty much all year round, mainly because I use Karma Kream as my regular body lotion everyday, so it makes sense that I would wear this all year round. A signature scent if you will?
 Daisy is for sure a springy one, it mean it's called Daisy. I've always loved this bottle too. That's another fun thing about collection fragrances, is the pretty bottles.
Colette by Tocca has become my new favorite ever. I consider it a summer scent, because I started wearing it last summer. I've already started wearing it, because it feels like summer, and I also LOVE it so much. It feels funny having to practice the will power for something as silly as wearing the wrong scent for the season, but in my head, it's a thing. I know how bonkers this sounds.
 Amarige totally looks like an old lady perfume judging by the bottle but ohhhh man I love it so. It's my mom's fall scent and I copied her. When we are hanging out in the fall, there's just a cloud of Amarige around us like a cloud.
 Another fall scent, because it's a witchy perfume from Salem, MA. It's only appropriate. I've had it for longer than I'd like to admit, but it doesn't have that expired smell yet. Probably the dark bottle keeps it nice and preserved.

 Again, like mom, I also wear Chanel perfume around Christmas time. Mine is CoCo Mademoiselle.
 And here are some bottles that I don't really wear, but keep them around because I like the way they look. This Betsey Johnson label is so freakin cute.
 And this bottle is shaped like an apple, and it's adorable. I also love the colors.
My little collection my my dresser, Along with my necklaces. I re-purposed my old screen printing screen to hold them. I now used pre-burned screens for my shirts and totes in my shop, but I used to cut designs out with contact paper and print things that way. It was hard.
I digress. Hope you enjoyed this little peek into one of my (many) collections.


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