Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Photo Diary // Airy Studio

I've started utilizing the fire escape in my studio to house a bit of a mini urban garden. Mike's mom kindly bought us a whollllllle bunch of herbs for me to plant out there. And I got the flowers for myself at my local nursery.  I'm slowly but surely making over this little corner in my office. I'm saving up for an arm chair for that corner by the window and a little nook to sit in and enjoy some fresh air. Currently there's two regular ikea chairs there just to fill up the space, but they're not exactly cozy so I just usually store things on them. And the little wind chime adds a little bit of whimsy (not that this room needed anymore whimsy). Also, I need to clean that window...
More updates on me managing to keep plants alive soon. Think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Just some bright little snippets of my office, something I think you've come to expect over on this little bloggy blog. I've grown fond of collecting these little kewpies and kewpie heads that I find on etsy and ebay, especially this new one that has three faces! haha. I think this will be my thing to look for come late summer when i go back to Brimfield (the largest, most amazing vintage/flea market). They freak Mike out a bit, so I'm glad I work from home and have an office to store these weird little guys.



Colleen said...

It would be so awesome to have all those fresh herbs at your disposal! Plus they look so pretty


Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! My first thought about them was how pretty they looked, haha! I just started actually using them in my food.

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