Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Photo Diary// Northampton!

A few weekends ago I took my first trip to Northampton, Massachusetts with my mom and some family. My cousin and her fiance go here all the time and they showed us around and oh my god how have I not thought to come here sooner?! So. Much. Shopping.

My mom petting a kitty in a hippy store. I don't have any good photos now, but you may know (if you follow me on the instagrams) that to commemorate our trip my cousin and I decided to get tattooed souvenirs. So I now have a cute black kitty on my arm. It's awesome.

I loved how there was a Crafts Avenue. Almost every store we went into had things from local artists. It seems so appropriate in a town that supports all the crafters. Coincidentally, about two weeks before our trip, I filled a wholesale order to a store called Essentials in Northampton. I decided to go in and check it out and say hi, it was cool seeing my store's things in a real shop! Because of geography, I don't normally get to say hi to stockists in person, so it was cool. Of course, I bought some things.
I loooved this sign, and I love a good antique store so I had to go in. My mom bought a tea cup.
I feel really lucky to have found family members that I can do this sorta stuff with. This all started with my mom reconnecting with a cousin she hadn't seen in 30 years, and they got to talking, they both had daughters (me and my cousin Katie, the one that showed us around this town) close in age with similar interests. I've only known these long lost relatives for a little while at this point, but I'm so happy that I do!



Colleen said...

That's great that you could reconnect with your long lost family members! That antiques sign is awesome


Crissy said...

That place looks amazing. It's so cool you got to see your things in a shop and connect with long lost relatives :D

megsiobhan said...

Beautiful shots! And that's great about getting to meet up with long lost relatives! :)