Thursday, May 14, 2015

Photo Diary// Weekends Rule

 I love my job, but weekends are far superior to the daily grind. We love to just walk around town in the nice weather and take advantage of what Hoboken has to offer. My favorite place, Pier 13 is open for the season! It's and outdoor bar/food truck spot right on the Hudson River and you can see all of Manhattan.
This tree is on Stevens Campus, and I like how it sorta looks like a heart.

The uptown Castle Point area of Hoboken is so freakin cute. Its by the college campus which is nice to take a stroll around.
DAY BEERS! More reasons to love weekends. I treat my Saturdays like tiny vacations, and do whatever I feel like. Had lunch and beers at an outdoor restaurant and people watched. I love doing that.
I got that kitty pitcher the same day I got my kitty tattoo in Northampton, by coincidence. I was already set that I wanted a black cat tattoo, and by chance I found this little guy.
I've been making these super healthy pancakes lately that are seriously amazing. The only essential ingredients in them are eggs and a ripe banana. My aunt told me about it. Basically it's just two eggs to one banana to make the batter. Maybe I'll do a recipe post about it? I don't normally do those, I don't really see myself as an authority for food things, but it'll be something different I guess!



Hema said...

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Lynsay - Miss West End Girl said...

That kitty cat pitcher is super adorable! I agree, weekends are like mini vacations - plenty of time for adventuring (and eating pancakes, or course!).

Lynsay xx