Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sunny Vibes

Sunny vibes all around today! It's so beautiful out. It was kinda summer-hot the past few days but this week it's in the high 70's and absolutely perfect. One complaint: WIND. Oh my god, this dress was not made for windy days. Free show, anyone? At least it was cool enough to wear stockings. Stocking that started to rip and run like crazy once I left the house. Typical.
 Despite my many wardrobe malfunctions today, I'm still feeling great. Because I get to wear my denim jacket. My keyboard broke this morning, and I can't really do my job without one so I had to head downtown onto the main strip in Hoboken to get a new one. On the way back I went to Tunes, the record shop in town, in search of $2 CDs and succeeded! I got Last Splash by The Breeders and The Color and the Shape by Foo Fighters. I never really considered myself a big Foo Fighters fan, (though I do think Dave Grohl is hilarious) but I've been meaning to buy that damn CD for years. I just think it's a good one to have in my collection. I do that sometimes. I'm not a big Sonic Youth person, but I have their entire discography. I just feel like I should have it.  And I got super into The Breeders last summer, and I think it's time I stop listening to them using my free spotify account.

 This is officially my Spring and Summer time bag. It was my birthday gift last year from Mike. And that color, though. Swoon.


Dress// Modcloth (old)  Jacket// Thrifted (similar)  Boots// White Mountain  Bag// Kate Spade  Sunglasses// Modcloth (similar) Cat Button// Vintage  Lapel Pin// Tuesday Bassen

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