Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grey Skylines

 What a gloomy week! It's been either down pouring or grey here (and flooding particularly in Hoboken). Probably will continue through the weekend, crapping on my beach plans. But we've decided to plan on finally seeing Mad Max instead. I am so not an action movie person, but I keep on hearing things about this movie and I just need to see it already. And I want a tub o' popcorn.

 How cool is this ring? I got it at the flea market in the poconos the other weekend. It's my new favorite little trinket. I love conversation pieces like this.

 So, I've adopted red lipstick as an almost every day occurrence now. I really like how it looks with my new hair. And I just love changing up the rest of my look when ever I get a new hair style or color. Re-invention is fun and keeps things exciting!
I'm feeling a little under the weather, so maybe it's a good thing the weather is crappy. The world is just telling me to relax and stay inside. Friday night will probably be spent ordering take out and deep conditioning my hair. Party.


Dress// Lime Chill  Shoes// Converse  Bag// Jo totes  Ring// Flea market Jacket// Thrifted


Sana S. said...

Adorable outfit!
Loved your hair color too, is that pink + orange?

Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! And yes, it is :D

Rachel Sullivan said...

Your hair is kick ass. And so is that ring holy cow! Enjoy Mad Max, I haven't met anyone who didnt!


Midge Blitz said...

I keep on hearing people say that it's the craziest thing they've ever seen, so I'm excited. And thanks! :)

Princess Wormmm said...

The buttons in your dress are the best thing.
I can't get over your new hair C: it's so perfect