Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy National Lipstick Day!

Red lipstick was my first favorite makeup item. It was probably around sophomore year of high school when I first started dabbling, and I remember my mom loving the look on me. She was very encouraging of the retro look, which helped build up my fragile teenage self confidence. Red lips are such a bold look, even now where it's a more popular accessory. I still think it takes some guts to wear it, and I commend all that do!

I've also put some lipstick themed things in my shop on sale just for today. You can head over to the shop's home page here and see them pinned to the top in the "featured" section.

Happy National Lipstick day, babes! There's a "heat advisory" out today which means I'll probably be in my home office all day except for my post office trip, but I'll still have my red lips on :)


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