Monday, July 13, 2015

Ivy City

Oh, hello! I had quite the successful weekend. These photos were taken outside a flea market in Jersey City that we went to on Saturday. It was a teeny tiny little thing, in a kinda desolate area (Pacific Ave, if you're from around here. It's called Pacific Flea) but damn, they had some pretty good stuff! I found something that's one in a million, which I'll tell you allll about in a future post. IT'S GOOD. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know what I'm talking about. But it deserves its own post.  And Mike got that silver chalice that I'm holding like a tool. Ha. We had good luck in general with finds this weekend, on Friday we found an old chest of drawers/writing desk combo, right outside our place being thrown out by one of our neighbors, and it's in pretty good shape considering. That's our third time in less than a year getting lucky with curb finds. It's kind of the culture here in this neighborhood,  people have "free" boxes full of stuff and a lot of really good furniture gets out out on the curb, mostly in the warmer months. But more on that later.

This here is my favorite summer look thus far. The skirt is very light and airy. And I just started to get into neutral lip shade, as opposed to my go to dark reds. I like busting out of style ruts and trying new things!


Top// AA via Amazon  Skirt// Brooklyn Industries  Shoes// Vans  Earrings// Old  Backpack// Old

Photos by Mike


Nicole Hokenstad said...

I love the second pic of you with the chalice! Your face is priceless, like "Excuse you, I'm drinkin here."

Midge Blitz said...

aahaha probably what I was going for, subconsciously.