Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Look at what I Found// Divine's Belongings

So this past weekend at the Pacific Flea I had the find of the century. Whenever Mike and I go to a flea market he likes to scope out vintage (or not) Magic the Gathering cards. Vendors almost never have them, but he still looks,  just in case, but also causing me to shake my head at him every time. So, keeping to tradition, he asked a vendor that had old toys and baseball cards if he had any. He wasn't sure, and told Mike he can look through a box he had under his table that was filled with other types of trading cards (no dice). However, in said box filled with trading cards, I see a frame with Divine's face peeking out, so I asked to see it.

This guy had a little collection of Divine memorabilia, all from his estate was that actioned off in the late 80's. The man who was selling it found it all in an abandoned storage locker. So what I got off him was, the framed photo of Divine, that was signed to him by a mystery person, assuming that the signature belongs to the mystery person in the photo, a paper doll book, and a 45. Everything still had the tags from the auction house on them.

I found it kind of jarring and "Mommie Dearest"-esque that all the faces were cut out in the paper doll book, but then to quickly realize tht they were probably supposed to be like that, given the stand where you would fold the dolls over had a default Divine face. Ha.

Divine now guards my tiny hallway. I've been looking for something to hang in that spot. Needless to say this is perfection.
I still can't believe I own things that belonged to the one and only Harris Glenn Milstead. I do remember hearing somewhere his close friends called him Divi, so it's kinda cool that the photo is signed to "Divi". If anyone out there has any insight on who that mystery person is in the photo, I am all ears! I might email or call the action house to see if they have any record of it. Who knows!

File under reason number 1,000,000 as to why flea markets are my absolute favorite.



C.W. Cheresh said...

That's a rad find! My tattoo artist inked her own leg with divine, so needless to say she's an inspiration to a lotta folks ;)

Midge Blitz said...

Awesome! The documentary is well worth a watch, if you haven't seen it :)