Thursday, July 30, 2015

New in the Shop// Cats + Bats!

It may be a little early for Halloween, for most people, but I couldn't resist debuting this bat character the minute I thought of it. I was just doodling animal faces for funsies, and this little guy just kinda fell onto the page naturally. I decided to give it glasses like the cat character has, and then I decided to actually re-vamp the cat completely. And here we are.
The pins took a little trial and error, I'm using a few new pens to illustrate them. But I found my groove. I'm trying out a few new techniques in the brooch/pin and jewelry dep't, no real reason why, but I like to keep learning new things with new methods and materials and stuff.
I have both brooches available now, along with their matching pocket mirrors! I'll be making stickers and buttons soon, too! If they do well, then maybe even some patches. Stay tuned!

Shop here! Cool Bat Brooch // Cool Cat Brooch // Cool Cat Mirror // Cool Bat Mirror


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